Set up Bot

Great! Setting up a Telegram bot with these commands can be streamlined with clear and precise instructions. Here’s a detailed guide to assist your users in setting up the translator bot:

Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up the Translator Bot

  1. Add Bot to Group

    • Action: Add the bot (@chibalingobot) to all the groups that need to be connected.

    • Instructions: Open your group settings, select "Add Member," search for "@chibalingobot," and add it.

  2. Make the Bot an Admin

    • Action: Promote the bot to an admin in each group.

    • Instructions: Open your group settings, go to the list of members, select "@chibalingobot," and promote it to admin.

  3. Get the Group ID

    • Action: Use the command /ID to get the channel ID.

    • Instructions: In each group where the bot is added as an admin, type the command /ID. The bot will reply with the group ID.

  4. Set Up the Translator Project

    • Action: Set up your project name using the command /set_project Projectname.

    • Instructions: In any chat with the bot (can be a private chat or one of the groups), type the command /set_project Projectname. Replace "Projectname" with the desired name of your project.

  5. Add Group to the Translator Project

    • Action: Use the command /addgroup to add each group to the project.

    • Instructions: For each group, type the command in the following format:

      /addgroup Projectname, -12345671233 (ID), zh-Hant_TW (LANGUAGE), πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³(FLAG), (INVITE LINK TG)
      • Replace Projectname with your project name.

      • Replace -12345671233 with the group ID obtained from the /ID command.

      • Replace zh-Hant_TW with the language code of the group.

      • Replace πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ with the appropriate flag emoji for the language.

      • Replace with the invite link for the Telegram group.

Example Commands

  1. Setting the Project:

    /set_project MyFirstProject
  2. Adding a Group:

    /addgroup MyFirstProject, -12345671233, zh-Hant_TW, πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³,

To get language Codes visit the this site:


  • Ensure that each command is entered exactly as specified, including commas and spaces.

  • The invite link should be a valid Telegram invite link for the group.


  • If the bot does not respond to the /ID command, ensure it has admin rights.

  • Double-check the group ID and other parameters for any typos or formatting errors.

By following these instructions, users will be able to set up their translator bot smoothly and ensure proper functionality across multiple groups.

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